Bison Facts

Bison are the fastest growing land mammal from eating grass alone.

They are known to have less calving problems than a normal cow.

They eat more species of grass than cows can and survive off less, we've even seen them eating Paramatta Grass.

They have a more efficient digestive system than cattle.

They do not overgraze and live within the means of their surrounding environments ability to sustain them.

They breed quicker and for longer.

They are a herding animal and always stay together. You know if one of them is sick, as it will keep a safe distance away from the herd so that it does not infect another member of the herd.

Bison meat is also better for you.

It is leaner than any other meat.

It is higher in iron, protein and vitamin B12 and lower in carbohydrates and calories.

Fed on grass, the meat is a nice dark red and has little marbling. It is very delicious!  Much the same taste as beef, its just a little sweeter and has it's own unique flavour.